Welcome to one of the longest running sites dedicated to one of the earliest first-person shooters. You will notice that this site has been expanded to include the PC (DOS) version in addition to the Macintosh version. There is also plenty of info on Spear of Destiny and the newest, best game out there - Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Just make a selction from below or from the bar on the left.

Main - the page you are on

Wolfenstein History - history and technology info

Facts - lots of useless/interesting facts

Wolfenstein (2009) - the newest sequel to Wolfenstein 3D

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - the greatly advanced sequel to Wolfenstein 3D
   Story - the truths behind the game's story
   Single Player Mods - mods for the game
   Weapons - the new, improved weapons
   Items - things you can pick up
   Enemies - here are the guys you get to kill
   Friends - here are the guys you don't get to kill
   Console Commands - cheats and other useful commands
   Walkthroughs - single player guides
   Speed Tweaks - tips and tweaks to help improve game performace
   Screen Shots - see just how good it looks

   Multiplayer - everything you need to know about the multiplayer module
      MP Maps and Mods - more multiplayer fun
      Classes - info on the classes available in multiplayer
      Console Commands - helpful server commands

Enemy Territory - info on the free, stand-alone multiplayer "expansion" to RTCW
   New Features - overview of some of the additions to the game
   Weapons - can't kill without weapons
   Game Modes - explanation of the game types
   Maps & Mods - new stuff for this great game
   Classes - the classes in the expansion
     Skills - the exciting new skill system.

The Original Wolfenstein 3D:

Mac and PC Differences - more than just the platform

Story and Info - the game's background story
   Weapons - weapons from the game
   Items - items from the game
   Enemies - enemies in the game
   Bosses - the main bosses in the game
   Translations - the enemies aren't just talking giberish

Macintosh - more info for the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D
   Codes - Macintosh codes
   Levels - Macintosh levels for all 3 encounters
   Maps - how to get level maps
   Screen Shots - in-game pics from Mac version

PC (DOS) - more info for the PC version of Wolfenstein 3D
   Codes - PC codes
   Levels & Mods - PC mods, levels, and add-ons
   Maps - maps to help you find your way around the PC game
   Screen Shots - in-game pics from PC version
   Manual - PDF of the original PC manual

Spear of Destiny - info for the sequel to Wolfenstein 3D
   Story - the Spear of Destiny plot
   Enemies - enemies from Spear of Destiny
   Codes - Spear of Destiny codes
   Levels & Mods - Spear of Destiny mods, levels, and add-ons
   Maps - maps to help you get around
   Answers - solutions to the riddles at the begining of the game
   Manual - PDF of the original PC manual

Purchase - get full registered versions of the games for the lowest price.

Links - links to other sites

Email - send me your comments and suggestions

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