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The one thing that everyone seems to remember about Wolfenstein 3D is the German phrases spoken by the enemies and bosses. Of course, most of us can't remember everything they say; what we do remember, we don't understand unless we know German. So, here it is - a listing and translation of all the sound bytes from the game.

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Guard Achtung Warning
SS Soldier Schutzstaffel SS (Bodyguard)
Mein leben My life
Officer Spion Spy
Nein, so was Well, I never
Flying Hitler Toter hund Dead dog
Hans Grosse
(Big Hans)
Guten tag Good day
Mutti Mommy
Dr. Schabbs Mein Gott in himmel My God in heaven
Hitler Die, Allied schweinehund Die, Allied pigdog
Scheisse Shit
Eva, auf wiedersehen Good-bye Eva
Otto Giftmacher
(Otto Poison-maker)
Eine kleine Amerikaner A little American
Donnerwetter Good heavens
Gretel Grosse
(Big Gretel)
Kein durchgang No trespassing
Mein Busen My bosom
General Fettgesicht
(General Fat-face)
Erlauben sie, bitte Allow me, please
Roseknospe Rosebud
Trans Grosse
(Big Trans)
Einer sprachschnitzer A mistake
Es ist schade What a pity
Barnacle Wilhelm Ach so Oh, I see
Wenn schon So what
Death Knight Tod ist mein leben Death is my life
Alles ist verloren All is lost
Angel of Death Prove your worth, human
You may wield the Spear

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